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I am a varanasi based photographer cinemetographer. born in varanasi.U.P. At the age of eighteen i decided to move in photography. my photography work start with Raj studio and shoot by B/W camera yashika,we use B2 size b/w film,devloping Printing.the time i was ninenty i moved to Delhi and begun work with great photographer for 2 year with pentex K1000 & cosina while living in Delhi.

In 1991, i thought of returning back to varanasi and then i started my own business with video camera (National A2) every year we used a new video camera M7,M5,M1000, M3000,M3500 and M9500 was our last VHS Camera In year 2000 when digital camera come in studio wedding photography, we start nikon sony compact size camera and convert our wedding photography in new creation with digital camera & Adobe Photoshop.

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